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5 Tips on How to Make More Friends

Making friends

We all need that person that’s willing to share with us.

Be it the laughter, the pains, the joys and life’s constant ups, and downs. We just need at least a friend to share moments with. There are friends you just want to have a drink or have fun with, and then there are those you just want to pour out your heart to.

The bottom line here though is that regardless of what role they are to play in your life, you have to meet them first. However, if you’re introverted or new to a city or a place, making friends can be quite intimidating, though rewarding in the end. This is why we’ve put together some tips that could gain you some new buddies.

Find a Common Interest and Show an Interest

We all have our hobbies and things we enjoy doing. And, we meet people every day. Even if we don’t every single day, the chances are good that we will still eventually meet someone, somehow. However it happens, you’d agree that finding something common is a good way to start a conversation and keep it going.

Of course, we cannot all like the same things, but we have to meet up at a common ground first to kick off a new friendship. There’s a possibility that though you might differ a little on opinions, you could just gain more friends along the way.

Join a Group or Social Media

Social networks have so made it that people from different nations all across the globe can meet up and discuss without moving an inch from where they are. You have a greater chance of making new friends with common interests through chat rooms and platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Be around People with Friends

This is one way of making a wider berth of friends. Simply find a friend that could open the window and introduce you to people and even if you are not a great conversationalist, there is a high chance of finding that one friend in a million that will walk the walk with you.

Loosen Up and Go Out

You make friends by meeting them, and what better way to do so than to walk up to them yourself. Try new things – things you’ve never really done before. Unwind, change your daily routine, join a club or a community, go to events or go clubbing. There is a high possibility of finding someone new with a common interest out there. Just loosen up.

Listen and Keep in Touch

Communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship, and this does not just mean talking. You have to learn how to listen and show genuine interest in what the other party does. People read more into body languages than we think.

When you show that you are interested in the person, regardless of how different your views, character, and opinions are, there is that possibility that your friendship is on to a great start. So, listen well enough and make sure to keep in touch while being mindful not to overdo it.