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3 Weird Benefits of Cold Showers


If the idea of taking a cold shower makes you shiver in avoidance, you’re not alone. Bathing in cold water is not something that most of us want to do; it’s quite uncomfortable and, after all, why use cold water when there’s warm water on tap?

As it turns out, there are many benefits to taking cold showers. Here are three of the top reasons why having a cold shower now and again might actually be beneficial for you.

Benefit #1: Cold Showers Can Be Anxiolytic

The term ‘anxiolytic’ simply means ‘anti-anxiety’, and who couldn’t benefit from less anxiety in their lives? Scientists are still trying to understand why cold showers have an anxiolytic effect on many people. Some have suggested that there are nerve receptor sites in the brain that are triggered by mass amounts of cold stimulation. This could be the reason why many cold shower advocates report feeling much more relaxed and at ease after the conclusion of their cold showers.

A commonly referenced remedy for panic and anxiety attacks is a splash or two of cold water on the face. Perhaps it’s also worth trying a cold shower!

Benefit #2: Cold Showers Can Be Great for the Skin

This benefit is great for men and women of all ages. Because ‘cold flashing’ the body seems to have the effect of dilating skin pores, healthier skin can result from taking cold showers. Keep in mind that it can take multiple weeks of regular cold showering before results are seen, but the consensus does seem to be that showering in cold water can help skin to retain moisture and give off a healthier appearance.

Benefit #3: Cold Showers Can Boost Production of Hormones

For men in particular, taking a cold shower a few times a week can result in sharp increases in testosterone and human growth hormone, two substances crucial to muscular development. And ladies, don’t think that by taking cold showers you’re suddenly going to get all big and bulky; that’s not quite how hormone balancing works. In contrast, progesterone and estrogen will work to ‘even out’ the amount of testosterone and/or HGH you have in your system.

As with any new lifestyle change, diet, or exercise routine you decide to take on, it’s important to check with your healthcare provider first. Some individuals may not be suitable for cold showers. For those who are, however, there seems to be a lot to gain!

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