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Texas Roofing Scammers Head to Prison


The construction industry has long been plagued by shoddy workmanship and scams, but unfortunately, many scammers get away with it. That’s not the case for San Antonio scammers Mark Anthony Rodriquez and Richard Stevens who have been sentenced to 15-year prison sentences for a variety of roofing scams in Texas.

Rodriquez and Steven’s company Durizon Roofing was first accused of taking money from elderly and vulnerable Texas residents in 2015. The two are accused of taking and keeping down payments from customers with no intent to perform work or leaving jobs halfway finished. “These defendants preyed on some of our most vulnerable residents, people who trusted the men who promised to repair hail-damaged roofs and paid thousands of dollars only to be left with roofs in disrepair,” said Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales.

After Stevens finishes his 15-year sentences on fraud charges, he will have to serve an additional 41 months in federal prison for wire fraud. On top of Rodriguez’s 15-year sentence, he will likely have his parole for a murder convention revoked. Mark Anthony Rodriguez and his brother Michael were charged and sentenced for hiring a hitman to kill Michael’s wife in 1992. While his brother was executed, Mark Anthony was released on parole.

Protecting Your Colorado Home from Scammers

Thanks to the wind, ice, and hail, scammers are prevalent in Colorado’s construction and Denver roofing industries, especially in the wake of severe weather. Traveling roofing companies are known as ‘storm chasers’ are the most likely to commit fraud or other shady business practices and leave customers with no way to recoup their losses.

If you’re looking for a roofing company after severe weather, you should take steps to protect yourself from fraudsters, starting with door knockers.

While many legitimate local roofing companies utilize door knockers after severe weather, this is also the primary way scammers begin their cons. If you get a door-to-door roofer, double-check their local credentials to verify they’re legitimate. If you’re uncomfortable with door knockers, you have full permission to say no, even if the company is local.

Instead of following the advice of door knockers, it’s best to search and find a local roofing contractor yourself. Take your time and look for a local company that’s accredited by the Denver Better Business Bureau, verify current licenses with your local building department, and use online reviews to make a shortlist of potential contractors.

The roofing industry might be filled with scammers, but they’re more reputable roofing companies than there are shady players. If your roof needs help, say no to storm chasers and use the above advice to hire a dependable roofing contractor every time.