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3 Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado is a four-season paradise, and it seems like everyone wants their piece of paradise. There are many great places to live in Colorado including Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder but there’s a slice of the Colorado dream towards the bottom-central of the state known as Colorado Springs. If you’re thinking about picking up your family and headed west or need a change-in-state to let’s give you reasons to consider Colorado Springs thanks to The Wheaton Team.

3 Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

An Outdoor Paradise

Many moves to Colorado for the fresh mountain air and outdoor activities. While Boulder and Denver are great places to experience the outdoors, they don’t quite hold a candle to Colorado Springs. Within a few miles of Colorado Spring’s downtown area, you can find hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, and several other outdoor activities. Colorado Springs boasts the legendary Pike’s Peak, The Manitou Incline, Garden of the Gods, and several other natural attractions. If you like spending time outside, you’ll love Colorado Springs.

Big City Amenities, Small Town Feel

Colorado Springs has found that happy medium between big city amenities without losing its small town, close-knit community feels. You can find any stores and amenities you need like Wal-Marts and nationally-recognized entertainment venues, but the Springs also boasts many mom-and-pop owned businesses, community-driven events like fairs and farmer’s markets, and local entertainment like regional theater. If you’re searching for that balance of small-town community, feel but big city amenities, Colorado Springs is your ticket.


What’s the number one reason you’re balking at moving to Colorado? If we had to take a wild guess, we’d say it’s the current housing market and the exorbitant prices for real estate in booming towns like Denver and Boulder. The economy is growing in Colorado Springs too, but luckily real estate is affordable when compared to the rest of the state. You can get all that Colorado has to offer, including a strong economy, but won’t need to go over budget when you look at homes in Colorado Springs.

Thousands are flocking to Colorado Springs because it’s an outdoors person’s paradise, it finds a balance between city and small-town feel, and it’s much more affordable than other parts of the state. If those sound like great reasons to you, schedule a time with a local Colorado Springs realtor to see what this vibrant community has to offer.